Natasha Luv Rosenzweig

  • DOC ID#: 3029546
  • Name: Natasha Luv Rosenzweig
  • Current Status: Secure
  • Last Status Change: Thursday, June 30, 2022
  • Gender: Female
  • Information Current As Of: Friday, July 22, 2022
  • Secure:
  • Montana Womens Prison
  • 701 South 27th Street
  • Billings, MT 59101
  • (406) 247-5100

Physical And Demographic Characteristics

  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Height: 5 FT 1 IN
  • Weight: 159 lbs
  • Build: Slender
  • Race: White
  • Skin Tone: Olive
  • L/R Handed: Both
  • Year Of Birth: 1979
  • Birthplace: Louisiana
  • Citizenship: United States
  • MT Resident: N

Also Known As

  • AKA:

    Tattom, Kat

Scars, Marks, Tattoos And Other Physical Conditions

  • Pierced Nose:
    Cheek, nonspecific:
    Tattoos Hand, Right: "LOVE" on first joints below knuckles on right hand
    Pierced Tongue:
    Scars Abdomen
    Scars Back
    Scars Neck
    Tattoos Arm, Left Upper: koi fish out of water-upper left arm
    Tattoos Chest: Heart with bat wings
    Tattoos Foot, Right: toe tag Rosenzweig "kitty"- top of right foot
    Tattoos Hand, Left: clock with symbol of "um" and lotus flower-top of left hand
    Tattoos Hip, Right: rose and pistol- upper right hip
    Tattoos Knee, Left: tribal flower-left knee cap
    Tattoos Knee, Right: Broken diamond, spider web, and stars-right knee cap
    Tattoos Leg, Left: eyeball- left upper thigh
    Tattoos Leg, Right: moon, sun, stars, water, fire wrapped around right shin
    Tattoos Leg, Right: kanji means "happiness"- upper/inner right leg
    Tattoos Leg, Right: Saint of death-right upper thigh front
    Tattoos Neck: sacred heart with smoke and stars-right side of neck
    Tattoos Neck: hatchet man-middle of neck in front
    Tattoos Neck: gargoyle- back of neck under hairline
    Tattoos Neck: Broken heart on left side of neck with "Anastasia"
    Tattoos Thigh, Left: woman coming out of flower- upper left thigh
    Tattoos Thigh, Left: 9 red/black nautical stars wrap around left thigh to inner lower ankle
    Tattoos Wrist, Left: wiccan rose-inner left wrist
    Tattoos Wrist, Left: tribal fill in-outer left wrist
    Tattoos Wrist, Left: stars and spider web-inner left wrist
    Tattoos Wrist, Left: In loving memory purple heart with Leia 63-06: outer left wrist
    Tattoos Wrist, Right: Red Druid ruin-inner right wrist
    Tattoos Abdomen: 3 red roses with tribal all across the lower belly
    Tattoos Abdomen: "giovanni" on pelvic area
    Tattoos Ankle, Left: 8 circles geometrical sizes- upper/top left ankle
    Tattoos Arm, Right: mushrooms and scorpion-lower right forearm
    Tattoos Arm, Right: green zombie and black zombie-inner right forearm
    Tattoos Arm, Right: Spaceship with "DINK" on it-lower left under forearm
    Tattoos Arm, Right Upper: butterfly-right upper forearm
    Tattoos Arm, Right Upper: Guatamalen pyramid-Sadie, Serice, Magalay, and Marcellia from top to bottom.
    Tattoos Back: wiccan baby in utero-upper back right side
    Tattoos Back: blue dragon-middle of back down the spine
    Tattoos Back: black dragon-lower back on spine
    Tattoos Back: Jim Morrison-left upper back
    Tattoos Calf, Left: voodoo doll (female)- back of left calf
    Tattoos Calf, Left: sword with dead bird- left outer part of calf
    Tattoos Calf, Left: naked woman coming out of rose and spider web surrounded by playing cards with hearts hand "LOV3" at the bottom of tattoo-left inner calf
    Tattoos Calf, Right: voodoo doll with ax (male)- right calf
    Tattoos Cheek (Face), Right: Cheetah print tattoo on right side of face
    Tattoos Face, Nonspecific: Both brows tattooed
    Tattoos Face, Nonspecific: "guera" above left brow in cursive
    Tattoos Finger(S), Left Hand: pattern of blue stars on top of left ring finger
    Tattoos Finger(S), Left Hand: Darrell Jr.-left thumb
    Tattoos Finger(S), Left Hand: "SHH" on side of pointer finger
    Tattoos Arm, Left: tattoo gun-outer left forearm
    Tattoos Arm, Left: oni mask-left under arm
    Tattoos Arm, Left: nautical red/black star and another small star-inner left arm in crease of elbow
    Tattoos Arm, Left: memorial tattoo with a headstone and geisha-inner left forearm
    Tattoos Arm, Left: Quote "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return"-outer left forearm
    Tattoos Hand, Right: the letter "R" between ring finger and middle finger knuckles
    Tattoos Hand, Right: scorpio sign-top of right hand
    Tattoos Hand, Right: State of Texas with the fleur de lis inside it on right hand between thumb and pointer finger
    Tattoos Hand, Right: 4 stars on knuckles of right hand

Legal Record

  • Docket: DC-19-3924
  • County: Beaverhead
  • Judge: Berger
  • Counts: 1
  • Legal Type: Original Sentence
  • Sentence Type: DOC Commit None Suspended
  • Offense: Assault on Minor
  • Code: 455212
  • Offense Date: 7/16/2016
  • Sentence Pronounced: 12/15/2020
  • Sentence (Months): 60

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