John Anthony Daniels

  • DOC ID#: 13774

  • Name: John Anthony Daniels

  • Current Status: Absconder Parole

  • Last Status Change: Thursday, August 18, 1988

  • Gender: Male

  • Information Current As Of: Sunday, August 30, 2015

  • Location:

    Interstate Compact Unit - Helena
    5 S. Last Chance Gulch
    Helena, MT 59620
    (406) 444-9522

Physical And Demographic Characteristics

  • Hair Color: Black

  • Eye Color: Brown

  • Height: 6 FT 0 IN

  • Weight: 215 lbs

  • Build: Medium

  • Race: Native-American

  • Skin Tone: Medium Brown

  • L/R Handed: R

  • Year Of Birth: 1950

  • Birth Place: Unknown

  • Citizenship: United States

  • MT Resident: N

Also Known As

  • AKA:

    Sonny, John Anthony Bruce

Scars, Marks, Tattoos And Other Physical Conditions

  • Scars Breast
    Scars Forearm, Right
    Tattoo Hand, Left
    Tattoo Forearm, Left: Lion, Mushroom
    Tattoo Forearm, Right: Lion, Cross, Flames

Legal Record

2 thoughts on “John Anthony Daniels

  1. did they just get tired of looking for him and let the warrants for his arrest expire.? after a generation of officials, agencies, and law enforcement passes through their respective assignment, crime information networks need to be updated. during the start of the information network some info was indexed separately and then not incorporated in national databases and then for some reason recent entries on a decades old crime don’t come up as a hit because these New entries are indexed separately.

  2. This dangerous individual served less then 17 years for a very violent murder. What is this saying about our judicial system? Now this violent person has dropped out of view. You can bet he is either harming someone or well harm someone.

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